I Ching, Tung Kung and the 28 Lunar Mansion

Heaven Blessing painted by Claudia Buchholz

Heaven Blessing painted by Claudia Buchholz

Be inspired by the I Ching, select a good Day with Tung Kung and the 28 Lunar Mansion.

The day I Ching, Tung Kung and the 28 Lunar Mansion brings in a few words, the intellectual task of the day to the point. Whether it is a good day for establishing, removing, average, settle, grasp, destroy, completion, or collecting things, begin or close something, you can make the most of this day by knowing what the energy brings for you.

The I Ching is one of the most ancient books of wisdom that there are 64 life situation = 64 hexagrams described. All knowledge of Chinese philosophy are summarized here. By observing recurrent patterns of relationships, cosmic and earthly laws of nature and human feelings arose the 64 basic structures. Each day of the year is assigned one of these 64 hexagrams made out of the 8 x 8 archetypes:
heaven, earth, water, fire, wind, thunder, mountains and lake.

The 12th June 2012 is Hexagram Nr. 38 Disharmony/Opposition

Fire above Lake

Today its difficult to move forward. This is not a day for big success. Only small things can be achieved. Fire is above water. The nature of fire is to move upward, the nature of water is to move downward. When fire and water are in this relationship to one another, separation or opposition is expressed. They don’t come together.

Bide your time until your luck improves.
Below the lake, above the fire. The lake, still and clear takes on a hot summer cool and refreshing day. Enjoy your day, dont expect something important happens today.  Especially today nothing important can be achieved.

If you want to move today is the day for it. Its a good day for traveling.

Its not a good day for discussion, try to accept other opinions.


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